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Invisalign® Treatment

Valley Family Dentistry is pleased to offer Invisalign® orthodontic treatment to our orthodontic patients. This innovative technology makes correcting bites and alignments comfortable and easy to monitor. Using a combination of advanced imaging technology, clear alignment trays, and excellent oral hygiene, we will help you create the smile of your dreams quicker than traditional orthodontic methods.

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Make Your Dream Smile Happen with Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Make your dream smile a reality and stop imagining what it would be like to have straighter teeth. With Invisalign treatment, you’ll enjoy straighter teeth and a comfortable bite in the same amount of time, or less, than traditional orthodontics. You’ll also receive the same benefits without the bulk and inconvenience of brace and wires. The next time you stop by our offices for a checkup or cleaning, talk to us about whether Invisalign treatment is the right treatment option for you.

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How Invisalign® Treatment Works

Invisalign treatment does not use brackets and wires the way traditional orthodontic treatments do. In fact, Invisalign clear aligners do not use wires at all. Instead, the process uses clear plastic alignment trays that fit closely over your teeth. Rather than adjusting wires to correct your alignment and bite, you’ll progressively switch alignment trays until you reach your desired smile outcomes.

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Who Is Eligible for Invisalign® Treatment?

Invisalign treatment works well for most orthodontic patients. The process is non-invasive, making it ideal for most people. There may be individual cases that will be better suited to traditional orthodontics or other clear plastic aligners. It’s always best to discuss the treatment plan thoroughly with our dentists to help decide which treatment is best for you and your unique needs.


Is There an Age Limit for Using Invisalign® Clear Aligners?

Teeth alignment is a concern that can affect our patients at any age. Our orthodontist may recommend Invisalign treatment for both corrective procedures as well as cosmetic solutions. The comfort and convenience of Invisalign trays make the procedure ideal for both teenagers and adults alike. However, it may not be suitable for younger children because the trays can be removed, which impacts treatment outcomes. If you’re thinking about enhancing your smile, talk to our dentists about your treatment options.

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The Importance of Consistency

Many patients prefer Invisalign treatment for the convenience of the removable alignment trays, which allow individuals to clean their teeth easily and eat foods without restrictions. However, if the alignment trays are not worn as directed by your orthodontist (generally 22 hours a day), they will not provide the desired results. If you have difficulty wearing the trays for the recommended time, your orthodontist may recommend an alternative treatment for better results.


The Benefits of Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign treatment uses clear trays that are barely visible, so only you and your orthodontist will know you’re wearing them. The alignment trays are custom-made to fit your mouth and desired results so you can achieve your dream smile with confidence and ease. Each tray is removable, allowing you to eat foods without restrictions, unlike traditional orthodontic methods. The removable trays also allow you to maintain better oral hygiene with unrestricted brushing and flossing.

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Planning the Perfect Smile

During your first appointment for Invisalign treatment, our dental team will take a 3D digital scan of your teeth and any supplemental scans or x-rays necessary to get a comprehensive overview of your teeth, bite, and jawline. From there, we will review the images and create a treatment plan just for you. Modern digital technology in dentistry allows us to create plans for how your teeth will look after the treatment and create the perfect trays at each stage of your progress.


Is Invisalign® Treatment Covered by Insurance Plans?

Most insurance plans in Canada that cover orthodontic treatments will cover Invisalign treatment. Since each plan is different, it’s important to consult your policy to determine how much coverage you have. Our office accepts an assignment from most dental insurance benefits, allowing us to directly bill your insurer when possible.

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